Person to Person Mediation

Initially a member of our staff speaks with each party involved to learn about the situation and their perspectives. Once a mediation is scheduled, all parties agree to sit down together and have a conversation; (for remote participants, an online meeting platform and/or telephone mediation is arranged).

The goal is for parties to feel heard, learn new ways to resolve their conflict and to negotiate an agreement. Standpoint provides the process, guidelines, tools for successful communication and support for constructive dialog before and during each mediation.


Our mediation fee is $150.00 an hour per mediator. This fee is usually split between the parties. In some circumstances, we’re willing to negotiate our fees, so feel free to ask.

Mediation can be the fastest, most effective and least expensive way to resolve conflicts between homeowners, associations, and community boards. Finding common ground in a non-hostile environment is preferable to ongoing tension or the expense of legal recourse.

Organizational Conflict Assessment/Consulting

Conflict within planned communities is a common occurrence. Survey results from the Foundation for Community Research (2014) found that one quarter of HOA members had experienced a significant dispute with their HOA.

Our staff will conduct a confidential assessment and review policies and operational practices to reveal areas within boards and associations contributing to conflict. Standpoint will then offer mediation, as well as training and coaching to help organizations shift internal culture.

Cost for Group Facilitation Services

For larger, multiparty community mediation and board facilitation we recommend two mediators for $250 an hour. In some circumstances, we’re willing to negotiate our fees, so feel free to ask.

Next Steps

  1. Contact us for a free consultation.
  2. We’ll reach out to all parties to assess interest.
  3. We schedule a mediation and prep you on the ground rules.
  4. We mediate.

Contact us and let’s talk about your conflict and what you hope to achieve. We help you and your community survive your conflicts and benefit from them. Conflict really can be opportunity.


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