Standpoint Mediation’s mission is to promote healthy dialog, resolve conflicts, and strengthen connections in your community utilizing conflict resolution tools.

Meet our mediators, learn a little bit about our experience, what led us to mediation and why we are excited about helping you.

Nicole Last

Nicole Last is an experienced community mediator, founder of Standpoint Mediation, passionate about communication and specifically, conflict resolution. She has a background in professional services building client teams and team facilitation for over 25 years.

Outside of operating Standpoint, Nicole mediates for Clackamas County’s small claims and community mediation program. Nicole’s experience in neighborhood and community environments includes having served on several nonprofits, as a past chairman and board member of a home owner association (HOA) and a past officer of a neighborhood association in Oregon City. Nicole understands that conflict in community happens, “Let’s face it, sometimes it’s hard enough to live with people you love.”

Nicole knows the pain of community conflict and the joys of finding resolution when there’s little hope. It is why she is now focusing fulltime on mediation.

Nicole holds a BA from Marylhurst University in Communications and a Certificate in Conflict Resolution, Negotiation and Mediation. She is a member of the Oregon Mediation Association and constantly hones her skills through attending continuing education training.

In her spare time, Nicole loves to kayak with her husband and daughter, visit her family in the PNW and train for Portland to Coast.

Louise Neilson

Louise Neilson

Louise Neilson is an experienced mediator, creative strategist, educator, facilitator, coach, and consultant. She has been mediating, consulting and teaching conflict resolution in the Portland metropolitan area for over 30 years.

As the only mediator with a master’s degree in creativity and innovation, Louise combines her knowledge of creativity with her experience in dispute resolution to help others find novel solutions to challenges they face.

In addition to mediating for Standpoint, Louise mediates police/citizen disputes for the City of Portland, workplace disputes for United States Postal Service, and facilitates difficult meetings for government agencies. Through her company, Applied Creativity, Louise develops and delivers conflict resolution and creativity programs for organizations, management teams, and leaders.

Previously she taught conflict resolution, negotiation, and mediation at Marylhurst University, and is the author of Mediating with Picasso: Relying on Your Inherent Creativity When You Need it Most.

Louise holds a Certificate in Dispute Resolution from Willamette Law School’s Center for Dispute Resolution, is a member of the Oregon Mediation Association, the Association for Psychological Type and the Creative Education Foundation. She serves as volunteer mediator for Multnomah County District Small Claims Court and Clackamas County Community Mediations.

Louise was introduced to conflict resolution as a young adult; her husband was her boss while she supervised her mother-in-law. During her checkered past, Louise taught art and creative problem solving to gifted inner-city middle-schoolers, owned a ceramic tile specialty wholesale production company, taught resume-writing to out-placed factory workers, and organized creative dress up nights at an annual residential adult art camp.

When not working, Louise tends to her chickens, all proud descendants of dinosaurs. 

Gary Slac

Gary Slac brings to Standpoint over 30 years as a small business owner, Oregon Realtor, and 10 years in formal mediation. Gary is the owner and principal broker at Vantage Point Properties Inc.  He is also a skilled negotiator.  Gary is well versed in landlord-tenant issues, contractor-to-client disputes, and numerous forms of interpersonal conflict. He is a licensed general contractor and has extensive experience in  home renovation.

When he’s not selling or advising people about property, or mediating for Standpoint, Gary serves as a volunteer mediator and mentor at Clackamas County Resolution Services and Multnomah County mediating small claims cases.  He has been a facilitator for the Oregon Foreclosure Avoidance Program for the past four years.

His interest in human behavior led him to earning his BA in Psychology at Pomona College and a certificate in Mediation and Dispute Resolution at Marylhurst University. Slac has served on the Board of the Oregon Mediation Association and is also a member of NAR, OAR, and PMAR.

Outside of human behavior, conflict resolution and real estate, Gary enjoys spending time with his family, reading, gardening and woodworking in his new shop.

Elizabeth LeDoux-Callan

Elizabeth brings a love of conflict resolution, and years of private sector and nonprofit experience to Standpoint. In addition to mediation, she acts as a business consultant for Standpoint. Elizabeth is skilled in operations and governance, and approaches conflict resolution with an understanding of the complex issues small businesses and nonprofits face. She is mission driven to help organizations thrive through best practices. This builds organizational and leadership capacity for companies, and saves them time and money. Elizabeth’s skill set allows for identification of workplace structures that could be contributing to conflict and creative solutions to mitigate it.

Elizabeth holds an MBA from Concordia University. Her focus is Corporate Social & Environmental Sustainability and human-centered workplaces. She has owned several small businesses in Portland, served on a nonprofit board for 6 years, and has mediated over 100 cases for Clackamas County Resolution Services. In her spare time, Elizabeth can be found loving life with family and friends, and sourcing her next caffeinated beverage.